What does robotics contribute to education?

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What does robotics contribute to education?

Postprzez joypaulccc » 13 maja 2024, o 06:48

Human beings have always had the habit of trying to make their lives easier, with inventions ranging from the wheel to robots that can perform all kinds of functions, everything you can imagine. And that is why today we talk about robotics in education .

Technology is part of our lives, from when we remove an al Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers 25 Million List arm in the morning until we turn off the light on the bedside table. And, we can affirm, that the children of today's society are digital natives. Hence, one of the sectors that have made an effort to adapt to new times has been education.

And one way to do it is through robotics, an interdisciplinary subject in which both mathematical and scientific concepts, such as concentration and creativity, work.

In short, what we want to say is that robotics in education, like other technologies, enhances many of the students' abilities such as mathematics and technology, the ability to learn to learn, the ability to process information. digital or personal initiative.

But we must remember that the teacher's purpose must at all times be to guide children to find solutions to their problems in the best possible way. Therefore, having robotics in education and technology in general as a resource and not as the solution itself. Their ability to face challenges and resource planning will be more important than the technologies they can learn.

What is robotics in Education?
Robotics is an interdisciplinary method in which the areas of Mathematics, Technology, Science and Engineering work. Furthermore, its transversal nature allows children to develop logical thinking, imagination or linguistics.


Robotics can be started now with Early Childhood Education students . During this stage, the manipulation of materials takes precedence, promoting creativity and space-time perception. Thus, you can learn to make electrical circuits, 3D models or easily program educational programs.

Likewise, there are also more advanced (and higher cost) robots, intended for Secondary and Higher Education. But in any case, the complexity of the discipline always adapts to the age of the students.

In short, robotics in education is included within the so-called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, a teaching model designed to jointly teach science, mathematics and technology. And in which practice takes precedence over theory.
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